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"The most complete source for native herbaceous wetland and ornamental aquatic perennials."

Aquascapes Unlimited Inc. is a wholesale aquatic nursery located on 20 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that produces native wetland and ornamental aquatic species, which are distributed throughout the United States. The majority of our plants are seed sown winter hardy native wetland perennials that are grown without mechanization, irrigation or heavy chemicals. Sustainability practices pre-dating the “Green Movement” include but not limited to recycling, reuse, watershed management, “ebb/flow” benches, nutrient recapture, and a windmill. We are actively working towards being peat free when applicable.


Although founded in 1985 as an ornamental aquatic establishment, Aquascapes Unlimited’s primary emphasis is on the production of local ecotype native wetland plants for regulatory driven wetland restoration projects east of the Mississippi River. A passion for rare native and unusual plants has led Aquascapes Unlimited to become a leader in the production of carnivorous and custom hybrid pitcher plants (Sarracenia) that are sold under the brand name “Bug Out” – Carnivores in Captivity. Other named “cultivars” introduced by Aquascapes Unlimited include “Big Red” – an extra large golden club (Orontium aquaticum) and “Silk Stockings” (pp#12198P2) a variegated leaf Sagittaria australis introduced in 2000.

The 20-acre site is a certified National Wildlife Fund habitat that contains vernal pools, a restored woodlot, 10 acres of wet woodlands & open meadows. Aquascapes practices what we preach and is used by educational institutions and regulatory agencies as a model of conservation.

Aquascapes produces approximately 185,000 plugs, liners, quarts, and larger size materials in 15,000 square feet of heated greenhouse space. Outdoor wet beds provide an additional 16,000 square feet, and man made ponds totaling 2 acres provide cultured bare root Nymphaea, Nuphar, and other aquatic vegetation.


  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • The Associations of State Wetland Managers
  • Pennsylvania Lake Management Society
  • Hardy Plant Society
  • New Jersey Native Plant Society
  • Bowman's Hill Wild Flower Preserve
  • Philadelphia Horticultural Society
  • Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association
  • International Water Lily Society

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