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Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Lady Bug' - 'Lady Bug'

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Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Lady Bug'

'Lady Bug'

S. 'Ladybug'  is one of several complex hybrids developed by Larry Mellichamp at the Univ. of North Carolina.  Parentage Sarracenia psittacina x purpurea x minor, 'Ladybug,' is known for it's free forming of short stocky pitchers  8 in  clump form around a central rosette.  The pitcher, a modified leaf, enables the Sarracenia to trap insects which provide nutrients unavailable in the highly acidic boggy environs.  Anthocyanin, a colored pigment,  gives 'Ladybug,' it's  red coloration and the more sun the deeper the red; it's up to you!  Hardy to zone 5.