Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Love Bug' - 'Love Bug'

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Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Love Bug'

'Love Bug'

S. 'Lovebug'  is one of several complex hybrids developed by Larry Mellichamp at the Univ. of North Carolina.  Parentage (Sarracenia psittacina x purpurea x minor x [Sarracenia purpurea x Sarracenia  x jonesii] 'Lovebug,' has a compact habit 8-10" and freely forms many deep red narrow pitchers.  Pitchers are a modified leaf that enable the plant to trap insects which provide nutrients unavailable in boggy environs.  S. 'Lovebug' is the perfect hybrid pitcher for a small container bog.  Zone 5 - 9.