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Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Doodle Bug' - 'Doodle Bug'

Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Doodle Bug'

'Doodle Bug'

S. 'Doodlebug'  is a hybrid of S. alabamensis x  psittacina.  One of several complex hybrids developed at the Univ. of North Carolina, 'Doodlebug,' has a compact habit 6-8" and freely forms many colorful pitchers.  The cool cobra shaped hood of the pitcher, a modified leaf, keeps bugs in and rainwater out.  Insects are drawn to the scent of the intoxicating nectar to take their last drink!  Insects provide nutrients to the pitcher that it can't otherwise get from the acidic soil of the bog.  Prominent red veins stand out against the yellow and white cobra hood of the 'Doodlebug' pitcher.  Tube is green with shades of pink that change with the seasons.  Zone 5 - 9.   

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