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Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Mardi Gras' - 'Mardi Gras'

Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia x UNC Hybrid 'Mardi Gras'

'Mardi Gras'

S. 'Mardi Gras'  is one festive cultivar of several complex hybrids developed by Larry Mellichamp at the Univ. of North Carolina.  Parentage  (Sarracenia leucophylla x  purpurea) x (Sarracenia leucophylla x  psittacina).  'Mardi Gras,' has a compact habit 8"and freely forms many colorful  pitchers up to 1' tall.  Upright undulating lids look like a  cobra ready to strike! The green and white lid with deep red venation hovering above the green throated tube is dramatic.  Sweet nectar attracts insects which provide nutrients otherwise unavailable in acidic boggy soil.  Zone 5-9.

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