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Goose fence enclosure to protect plants until established


Consultation for Landscape Designers and Contractors

Aquascapes Unlimited biologists and/or environmental designers are available for onsite consultations throughout the Northeastern United States. Public emphasis on conservation and sustainable design has provided an opportunity for many companies who specialize in native landscapes and natural ecosystems. Most of today’s designs within the industry are environmentally friendly and politically correct with respect to species diversity and meet local regulatory criteria, although it is not uncommon to have a disconnect between design and practicality of implementation for these native landscapes and natural ecosystems. Aquascapes Unlimited can provide insight and practical knowledge to bridge the gap and help you achieve success.

Aquascapes Unlimited has been specializing in pond & wetland plantings for estate and commercial establishments for over 20 years with hundreds of satisfied clients. Aquascapes Unlimited consultation services gives you access to the know-how which outlines what, where, how, and when to plant aquatic materials.