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Habitat Enhancement

Aquascapes provides design and implementation services for wildlife habitat that increases aesthetic appeal and attracts beneficial bees, insects, pollinators, birds and other fascinating wildlife. Recent environmental awareness has increased the public’s understanding of the wildlife value that wetlands and ponds offer.

To many people, ponds, swales, detention basins and retention basins are no longer considered mosquito-ridden eyesores, but rather offer unlimited opportunities for the establishment of bio-diverse sustainable ecological communities.The proper balance of native herbaceous aquatic perennials will also provide erosion protection, shoreline stabilization, and reduce algae growth by shading the waters edge & via competition for nutrients.

Properly designed & planted, or “Aquascaped” pond edges also reduce maintenance costs that may be necessary in non-naturalized systems. Nuisance waterfowl such as Canada goose can often be deterred by simply planting the ponds edge to obscure the birds’ line of site to the shoreline.

Our experience of over 30 years in the business providing pond and lake management services to estate, municipal, institutional, and home owners associations has provided us the wisdom as to when plants will best survive in any particular situation. We can supply listings of plants appropriate for goose/deer resistance.