Nelumbo sp. 'Momo Batan' - Momo Batan

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Hardy Floater

Nelumbo sp. 'Momo Batan'

Momo Batan

Nelumbo 'Momo batan'.  A dwarf lotus, 'Momo batan,' is a gorgeous peony style cultivar has long lasting blooms through the extended summer season and is very fragrant.  Flowers 5 -6" are large and double with deep rosy pink petal color.  N. 'Momo batan' flowers are open for several days longer than most lotus.  First day flowers close in midafternoon, second day flowers stay open until after 6pm. Older flowers may remain open overnight!   Leaves are parasol-like, upward  and cupped.  Ideal for any size pool.  Plant height (2-4').  Leaf size (12-15").   The rhizomes, leaves and seeds of lotus are edible and used in Asian cooking.