Nelumbo sp. 'Mrs. P.D. Slocum' - "Mrs. P.D. Slocum"

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Hardy Floater

Nelumbo sp. 'Mrs. P.D. Slocum'

'Mrs. P.D. Slocum'

Nelumbo 'Mrs. P.D. Slocum', is an especially free flowering sacred lotus.  Bred in 1964 from  N. lutea x N.‘Rosea Plena'.   Blooms 9-12" start out pink with yellow  centers and turn to a lovely cream color with a pink flush by the third day.  Plants may have several different colored flowers at the same time!  The flowers of 'Mrs. P.D. Slocum' have a pleasant licorice scent and leaves are large at 18-23".  Some leaves float on the water while others rise up to 5' from the pond bottom and provide attractive motion above the water surface as well as a resting place for dragonflies!