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Sarracenia flava - Yellow Pitcher

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Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia flava

Yellow Pitcher

The Yellow Pitcher Plants range is form southeastern Alabama across northern Florida and up the Atlantic coastal plain to Southern Virginia. S. flava is one of the tallest species of pitcher plants reaching almost 3’. The Yellow Pitcher Plant is true to its name. In early spring the large flowers emerge in a bright yellow almost chartreuse color and are pungently fragrant. Shortly following the flowers the first pitchers emerge in a golden yellow. S. flava will flush new pitcher until early summer. After a mid summer rest they typically flush a few more pitchers in fall but typically will push more phyllodia (flat winter leaves primarily for photosynthesis) in preparation for winter. S. flava is an elegant and striking plant as a focal point in the bog garden. Hardy for us in Pennsylvania zone 6.