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Sarracenia psittacina - Parrot Pitcher

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Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia psittacina

Parrot Pitcher

The Parrot Pitchers range extends form far eastern Louisiana across the Florida panhandle and north to the southern tip of South Carolina. S. psittacina is often found growing in very wet often submerged sites in its native range. The curious pitchers grow prostrate and have a rosette appearance. Each pitcher is 4-6” in length and are a range of red at the tip fading to green where it meets the rhizome. There are many variations of color in this species some more red other more green. The red flowers stand on a thin stem about 6-8” tall and is smaller in size compared with other Sarracenia. S. psittacina can almost be considered a conversation plant in the bog garden. Hardy for us in Pennsylvania zone 6.