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Hardy Ornamental

Iris pseudacorus 'variegata'

Variegated yellow flag iris

More About Variegated yellow flag iris

  • Rapid spreader if not container bound

Iris pseudacorus ‘Variegata’.  Similar to Yellow Flag Iris except with yellow striped foliage in the spring turning green as the heat of the summer moves in. Showy yellow colored flowers grow off a slender stalk just slightly taller than the sword - like foliage. May be grown in up to 6” of standing water making it suitable to use in water gardens, bog gardens, ponds, or moist low spots. A profuse seeder, Yellow water iris should be planted with care in containers and best not to be planted in natural environments where it can quickly spread. To control the spread of this non-native species, remove the flowers as soon as blooming is over to prevent seeding. Hardy in zones 4-9.  Bloom time May - June.

Bloom Color